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About our HRM Services

Advanced Efficiency

Advanced Efficiency

Improve your operational excellence through outsourcing HR management to KLOUD® and gain enhanced organizational efficiency and confidentiality.

Leave Behind the Administrative Burden

Leave Behind the Administrative Burden

Relieving your HR professionals from administrative burdens has multiple benefits which brings strategic opportunities for better implementation and overall planning and execution of the work.



Our HRM services save time and money and enable you to improve the quality of services you provide to your employees. Our cost-effective, high-quality human resource services allow you to focus more on your core business.

Beyond Industry Barriers

Beyond Industry Barriers

KLOUD® human resource services will help you meet all your business needs irrespective of the industry/company size. Our major goal is to enhance, develop and implement the best human resource management practices.

Employees are the Real Asset

Employees are the Real Asset

We offer HRM services to help HR and employees bridge the relationship gap. We believe that the right people are the true assets and we can customize our services to suit your requirements.

Our Services at Glance

Our Services at Glance

The services we provide include onboarding, payroll, payroll tax preparation, benefits administration, timesheet and expense management, and Human Resources setup.

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Redefine Employee Experiences with KLOUD® HRM

Your company performs at its best when your people are at their best. Human experience management makes your people more productive.


Our Main Features


Performance Management



Recruitment Panel


Salary reports

Why Choose KLOUD HRM?

KLOUD HRM offers the payroll software solution that is focused on ease of use, security and accessibility. Our integrated web payroll system allows you to quickly and easily view data at a glance and to quickly process the payroll. It is automation at its finest and offers:

Secure transactions

At a glance tax information

Flexible user defined entry fields

Easy modifications

By partnering with KLOUD® HRM Solutions your company will:

Cut Costs

Bring efficiency and empower resources to focus on core revenue-generating activities.


On-time & accurate payrolls.

Highly Secure

Reduce the risk of fraud and maintain data privacy.

Business Excellence

Get full support to make strategic and analytical business decisions.


Our HRM Services Include:

Easy tap and go features to get the job done at your fingertips.
Single-click access to all modules

Built for Adaptability Now Introducing KLOUD® HRM

KLOUD HRM software is amazingly user-friendly and allows users to configure the system flexibly to meet their requirements. Our KLOUD human resource software automates the process so that the company's HR department can concentrate on important tasks rather than spending the most time on manual tasks.




Recruitment Panel

Late coming, miss punch, daily & monthly attendance report
TDS, ES, Incentive, Bonus & all Salary reports.
Easily integrated with biometric machines.
Manpower chart & attendance register
Can access it anytime, anywhere.

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Our Core Features

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Experience what Kloud has to offer.

Try it free and learn how these intelligent business applications go beyond traditional ERP to help you adapt, innovate, and delight every customer

Experience what KLOUD® has to offer.

Try it free and learn how these intelligent business applications go beyond traditional ERP to help you adapt, innovate, and delight every customer

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