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Reduce regulation complexities with our solutions. We automate inspection plans with best-in class technologies.

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KLOUD® ERP Solution is using best-in-class technology for business agility and business scalability.

About KLOUD® ERP Solution

Business objectives, customer insights and data driven approach has helped us dig the best path for you.

Right from strategy building to strategy implementation, we do it all! Our unique and wide technological expertise and systematic approach have helped us solve a wide range of business problems.

Technology is revolutionizing our world today. Providing organizations with new opportunities for innovation, Kloud is a market leader in ERP.

What we offer

Save Precious Administrative Time to Attain Business Excellence

KLOUD® provides an ERP solution designed for all kinds of businesses such as manufacturing, distribution, and trading. Right from purchasing to sales, we streamline your processes through resource allocation.

We are one of the most trusted ERP software. Integrating all key business processes like finance, inventory, sales and purchase, we have revolutionized the way of doing business.

What we offer

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Anyone who wants to streamline their business can take advantage of our services. All of our modules incorporate the best features and are a standard module for your users. Using our solutions, customers are able to manage their business more effectively and gain control of their quality.


Supply Chain Management

Account Payable
Analysis & Report
Billing & Invoice
Track financial transactions

Purchase Request
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Purchase Orders

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Avoid complicated Manual methods and guidelines!

Watch this video to understand the benefits of KLOUD® ERP software and discover how ERP systems are massively replacing on-premise systems.

Solutions and Services

Finally a technology that ensures business intelligence

As a leading provider of cost-effective business solutions, we strive to help our clients save time, boost productivity, minimize costs and maximize their return on investment by delivering innovative, configurable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions.


Offering businesses with a true end-to-end solution with the right design and implementation from the beginning till the end.


With our experienced, seasoned, and 24/7 support of staff, we will help you by providing reasonable and cost-effective business solutions.


The KLOUD® platform is extremely secure and 100% compliant with flexible workflows and user-based access to controls.

Built for Adaptability Now Introducing KLOUD® ERP.

KLOUD is an affordable, integrated ERP solution that offers comprehensive capabilities needed to run your business in the most effective fashion.

A Glimpse of our ERP Solutions

Cloud Based Solution

Efficiently scalable, easily manageable, undeniably powerful.

User Friendly Interface

The user-Friendly interface offers a perfect work environment.

Device Responsive

Get ERP access on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Unlimited Storage

Expand your business with unlimited storage.

Multi Language

Let Kloud ERP speak your business language.


Get the best business deal with the multi-currency option.

Power of One

Built ground-up using One Codebase ensuring all components of ERP work seamlessly with each other


Enhance customer experience through a wide range of extension tools and capabilities.

Detail MIS & Reports

Informative MIS reports for presentations.

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Experience what Kloud has to offer.

Try it free and learn how these intelligent business applications go beyond traditional ERP to help you adapt, innovate, and delight every customer

Experience what KLOUD® has to offer.

Try it free and learn how these intelligent business applications go beyond traditional ERP to help you adapt, innovate, and delight every customer

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