About Us

Data is the key to growth and prosperity. If handled well, you are likely to save ample time and can aim for a quantum jump. With faulty data handling and antiquated software, your company is in doldrums. That is where, we at KLOUD®, devise customized, scalable and reliable enterprise software, which is proficient in transforming the organization digitally.

We are keen on hunting for the shortcomings of the existing system and customize software for you that will aim at paperless proficiency and shall be highly adaptable and reliable.

We value your confidentiality and make sure the software designed adheres to transparency with full reliability. With our digital software solutions, efficiency shall be the keyword right from production to finance and accounting, inventory and purchase, sales to payrolls and various other fields.



What started as a vision by a legendary has now taken the mammoth shape of the epitome of customized software solutions. The parent firm initiated by Sh. Ved Prakash Aggarwal, succeeded by Rajesh Aggarwal, is widely popular and runs across a whopping number of 24 countries. The next generation inherited the dynamism and business acumen in their blood. Divyansh Aggarwal, having qualified from best institutes of Dubai and London, understood the future of technology and believed in creating and customizing scalable software solutions for businesses.

With a passion for creating value, he conceptualized and created “Kloud Advanced Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’. As the director, he works in unison with his IT professionals and the team to develop the integrated software ‘Kloud’ to manage ERP system. The customized ERP software’s user-friendly and well-equipped to meet the international benchmarks on the parameters of speed, accuracy and security.

The highly evolved ERP solutions help the business at manifold points- simplifying core processes, streamline the real-time data and collaborating across divisions, countries and multiple sites. With Kloud, the best gets better and the easier way to success is paved.

About the CEO

The young and dynamic, focused and innovative persona, Divyansh Aggarwal, heads the IT unit KLOUD® as the CEO. Having studied from the prestigious City University London, he has profound knowledge and keen interest in developing solutions to the problems.

With an immense experience after heading six companies of the TRB Group, the magnetism and aura of this well-learned man cannot be missed. The TRB group operates in over 44 countries and their business sprawls all across the globe. This has given him a practical experience of delivering the best. Divyansh believes in team work and focuses on getting the best from his employees and teammates. He strives with a vision of developing the most effective software that can be a table turner for effective management and processing.